Month: March 2015

A Good Canoeing Tip…

… don’t fall in!




From the Mansfield News-Journal, May 9, 1948

It’s in the Family ~ Raising Chickens


One of our earlier batch of chicks – Easter 1989

When I was younger, my family raised chickens. My dad would buy the chicks, they’d hang out in the incubator for awhile, get moved out to the chicken coop and then my sister and I would sell their eggs throughout the neighborhood. A bit atypical for your run-of-the-mill suburban household.

Turns out, it runs in the family! Christopher Columbus (C. C.) Coy is my 3x great-grandfather. He lived from 1843 until 1932 in Greene County, Ohio. Below is an excerpt from the Xenia Gazette, dated February 28, 1898 (see the 3rd paragraph).