One of the most frustrating aspects of this family tree are the branches that began over in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. At the start of my trip down genealogy row, I knew the following:


Not a lot to go on. I tried, trust me I tried, to find more information. Years passed, other ancestor lines grew, and this one remained stagnant.

Until today.

Last week I stumbled upon a picture of the grave of John Skibo and his wife, Annie.

80333982_137488278972 80333982_13748827706480333988_137488269618courtesy of (1)

The graves are located at Assumption Cemetary – Solider Hill in Sykesville, PA, which was where they lived according to the 1920 US Census. The dates listed on the headstones filled in some valuable information, especially for Annie. I originally had her year of death as 1920, which made a search for her death certificate somewhat difficult. But with this new date, I was able to search again and I finally found it! Along with some new family members, Annie’s parents, George Dobrnok and Anna Tadgor. Also on the death certificate, Annie’s actual birth and death dates and the reason for her death (pneumonia).

41381_2421406272_0659-03208click to enlarge (and again to enlarge further)

courtesy of (2)

Welcome to the Family Tree!

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