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A Good Canoeing Tip…

… don’t fall in!




From the Mansfield News-Journal, May 9, 1948

Family Trees Added!

I’ve finally figured out a way to display our family trees on this site. Granted, it’s not exactly what I’d like, but I’m getting closer!

On the bar at the top of the screen, you’ll see links to “Overview“, “Richards Family Tree“, “Coy Family Tree“, “Skibo Family Tree” and “Farkas Family Tree”. If you click the title, it will bring you to that specific family tree page. On this page there is a 180 Degree Fan chart of the family, going back anywhere from 1 to 4 generations. Some family trees go back further then 4 generations and I’ll add those at a later date.

My goal is to have pages for each person in a family tree and share their story. I’m starting with John George Skibo and hope to have it posted later this month. In addition, on the person pages, I’ll have information about those not in our direct line, listing out siblings and other relatives.

These fan charts really help to see where the gaps are (clearly on the Skibo/Farkas side! – sorry Grandma…) and what information I have yet to find. Also, they just look really cool!


Evolution of Ohio Counties

Many of my ancestors (and even a few living relatives!) made their home in Ohio.  Greene County, where the Coy family lived, was one of the original counties when Ohio was established as a state in 1803.

As I flipped through a book on Ohio counties in the Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research, I came across a map that showed the original counties, and it wasn’t divided how I thought it would be. Instead of squares or rectangles, like we see today, it was mostly long strips across the state.

A Map of the State of Ohio - 1803_edited-1Counties as of 1803

Over 170 years later, the counties have changed into something a bit more familiar. Notice how much Greene County as changed!

A Map of Ohio and Her Counties - abt 1981Counties as of 1981

Ancestors have lived in the following counties: Greene, Montgomery, Richland, Stark, and Lucas.

Ohio: Her Counties, Her Townships & Her Towns. Indianapolis, IN: Researchers, 1979. Print.


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