Many of my ancestors (and even a few living relatives!) made their home in Ohio.  Greene County, where the Coy family lived, was one of the original counties when Ohio was established as a state in 1803.

As I flipped through a book on Ohio counties in the Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research, I came across a map that showed the original counties, and it wasn’t divided how I thought it would be. Instead of squares or rectangles, like we see today, it was mostly long strips across the state.

A Map of the State of Ohio - 1803_edited-1Counties as of 1803

Over 170 years later, the counties have changed into something a bit more familiar. Notice how much Greene County as changed!

A Map of Ohio and Her Counties - abt 1981Counties as of 1981

Ancestors have lived in the following counties: Greene, Montgomery, Richland, Stark, and Lucas.

Ohio: Her Counties, Her Townships & Her Towns. Indianapolis, IN: Researchers, 1979. Print.